About Me
My name is Jesse Warren. ​I have a small home art studio in  sunny Hervey Bay Queensland. I enjoy many artistic meduims such as painting, drawing, art journling and mixed media, small DIY home crafts, photography.  I guess that I cant sit still and do nothing for to long, there is always a project that I am willing to try!

My main outlet used to be photography but now my photoraphy takes a back
​seat and my journy in the art creating world takes the reigns. I am finding at this stage in my life, that I am enjoying art  alot more. I sitll pick up the  camera from time to time and my studio equipment is always in close reach for when the opportunity strikes!

Every sunday I get togther with a slgroup of talented like minded people and we allways have a wonderfull fun time in our creative art journling and mixed media space. We try to challenge ourselves to create a new peice each week. You can see my weekly entrys here

Currently I am new to the online world with publishing my work so I hope to get out there as much as possible. I will keep my site update regularly so please always come back and follow me and let's all have some fun.